Gravesend and Rochester Agricultural Association

Ploughing Match



Corn Competition Classes

                                Class 1 5kgs      Malting Barley
                                Class 2 5kgs      Feed Barley
                                Class 3 5kgs      Milling Wheat (NABIM Group 1)
                                Class 4 5kgs      Milling Wheat (NABIM Group 2)
                                Class 5 5kgs      Feed Wheat (NABIM Groups 3 & 4)
                                Class 6 5kgs      Spring Wheat (NABIM Group 1 & 2)
                                Class 7 5kgs      Oats
                                Class 8 5kgs      Field Peas
                                Class 9 5kgs      Field Beans
                                Class 10 5kgs    Linseed
                                Class 11 5kgs    Oilseed Rape

NABIM Varieties (National Association of British & Irish Millers) 2019

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Spring Wheat Groups 1/2
Crusoe Cordiale Elicit (New) All other winter wheat varieties KWS Chilham
Skyfall KWS Lili Zulu KWS-Cochise
KWS Zyatt KWS Siskin KWS Barrel Mulika
KWS-Trinity KWS Extase (New) KWS Firefly (New) KWS Willow
RGT Illustrious Detroit (New) KWS Basset

                                Judges: R Budgen & S Carter

                                Market Garden Crops

                                A display of local fresh fruit & vegetables to view (these will be all sold at 2.30 pm at the Fruit and Vegetable Tent)

                                The William Pye Silver Cup will be awarded for the largest pumpkin